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System Architecture

Handling multiple widely distributed devices from a central management system, Larotec solutions permit a near real time monitoring of energy consumption and provides an efficient management tools for energy cost reduction.

Larotec’s solutions have been chosen and are operationally used by customers worldwide such as Utilities, Telecom operators, Retail, Factories, and Integrators of energy solutions.

Larotec’s applications are targeted at the following market segments:

·         Take full control of resource management

·         Improve efficiency, reduce expenses and energy, water, and manpower consumption

·         Comprehensive, web-based, end-to-end mini-SCADA solutions with server-based graphical presentation

·         Remote meter reading, security, and alarm capabilities for energy, water, traffic and street light applications


Utilities (Electricity, Water & Gas):

·         Automatic Meter Management (AMM) – focusing on Electricity, Gas & Water

·         Monitoring & Control for Energy Saving and Load Balancing / “Peak Shaving”

·         Focus on Commercial & Industrial (C&I) projects

Multi sites Enterprises (Retail & Industry):

·         Energy Data Management (EDM)

·         Sub Metering

Multi device/sensor management at distributed sites

Larotec became a division of Beeper Communication Ltd.

Telefonica S.A have accomplished the process of homologation of Larotec Web2M system as an authorized provide of Telefonica.

Israel Electric Corp. (IEC) has chosen Larotec and Cellcom AMM solution to implement IEC first Large Smart Metering project for C&I consumers (April 2010)

Strauss - an international Food Corporation is implementing Larotec’s Web2M™ for Energy Data Management for its Logistic centers (April 2009)

Kerosense - provider of fuel monitoring solution and Larotec partnership and issued first release of complete fuel management solution (June 2009)

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